Jeep CJ8 Fuel Tank Filler Hoses and Vent Hoses

Don't let a broken or corroded fuel tank filler hose in your vintage Jeep CJ8 prevent you from rebuilding or driving your Jeep. With specialty and aftermarket auto parts from T-Rex Auto Parts, you can shop the hard-to-find fuel tank filler hoses you need and more. We stock 15-gallon gas tank vent hoses and fuel tank hoses as well as 20-gallon OEM gas tank hoses and OEM vent hoses for vintage Jeep CJ8s.

Leaking fuel can not only harm the efficiency of your car but other parts as well. Don't get caught with a damaged fuel filler hose when you can buy one at low prices at T-Rex Auto Parts.

We also carry GMC, Willys, and Chevy gas tank filler hoses.