Rapid Air System

What is the RapidAir compressed air system?

Put your air compressor to work all around your workshop with the RapidAir compressed air system.RapidAir is an easy and flexible way to customize your workshop with applications from automotive to woodworking.RapidAir is a complete compressed air distribution system that is designed to easily install beneath walls of new construction, or on wall surfaces of existing workshops. The garage compressed air piping system is designed for a lifetime of service.

• Affordable
• Easy to install
• Easy to disassemble and modify
• No special tools needed
• Corrosion-free tubing and fittings
• Designed for compressed air
• Mount aluminimum outlets on walls and ceilings
• Rated for 150 psi.


RapidAir products are covered by a 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects.