Does the Jeep Wrangler YJ have two different gas tanks from 1987-1990?

Answer: Yes -- Jeep offered two tanks from 1987-1990. The metal tank is 15 gallons and has a round sending unit hole. The plastic tank is 20 gallons and has a rectangle sending unit hole.

Does the Jeep Wrangler YJ have two different gas tanks from 1991-1995?

Answer: No – The Jeep Wrangler YJ only had one tank from 1991-1995. Jeep only used the plastic tank carried over from 1987-1990 models. This plastic tank is the SAME tank used from 1987-1990 and is 20 gallons. If you look up the OEM Specs from Jeep, Jeep will call it a 15 gallon tank because they put a restrictor pipe down the vent neck to prevent it from filling past 15 gallons. This restrictor pipe can be removed to bring back your true 20 gallon capacity.

Why did Jeep put a restrictor pipe in the 1991-1995 Wrangler YJ gas tank?

Answer: From what we have been told, Jeep needed to meet Federal Café Standards on fuel mileage per gallon within their lineup, so by reducing this tank by 5 gallons (approx. 40 lbs) they were able to increase the MPG on this vehicle and be within the Federal guidelines.

How do I know which sending unit I have in my Jeep Wrangler YJ?

Answer: There are at least 6 variables and can be narrowed down by working through your year, make and model. Carbureted vs. fuel injected and 15 gallon metal tank vs. 20 gallon plastic tank. Review each of the parts listed in the Jeep YJ Wrangler sending unit section.

What are the correct fuel hoses for my 1962-1977 Jeep J-Truck?

Answer: That is tough to answer because there are at least 3 different Fill hoses and 2 different Vent hoses. The only true way to know what you need is to crawl underneath and take a look or to drop the tank. Two fill hoses are “S” shaped – one with flange, one without a flange. One fill hose is “L” shaped with a flange. One vent hose has one 90 degree bend, the other vent hose has two 90 degree bends and longer.

Does the box length and style matter on my Chevy Pickup?

Answer: Yes – before ordering please verify long beg, short bed, step-side or flare side. Each hose has the different styles specified in the description.

What are the correct fuel fill hoses for my 1965-1979 Jeep Wagoneer?

Answer: Like the Jeep J-Trucks, that is a tough question to answer. There are at least 4 “Upper” hoses and 1 “Lower” fill hose. The 4 “Upper” hoses are all “S” shaped but 3 of them have the vent hole on the side of the hose in a different place and the 4th hoses’ vent hole sits further back than the other 3. The only way to be sure is to look at your existing setup and match to the pictures shown for each hose.

How do I know which tank is installed in my 1967-1971 Jeepster Commando?

Answer: There are 2 options “Side-Fill” and “Rear-fill”. The only way to tell is to crawl under the Commando and see where the fuel filler neck is located: The “Side-fill” tank has the fuel filler neck facing the driver side of the Commando. The “Rear-fill” tank has the fuel filler neck facing the rear of the Commando.

Can I use a sending unit designed for a vehicle with a diesel engine in my vehicle if I have a gas engine?

Answer: No – In most cases, the fuel pickup tube is larger for a diesel engine than a gas engine and generally speaking, the in-tank filters are different too.

Does the plastic “Under the Seat” tanks come with a drain plug and is the fuel pickup on the bottom of the tank?

Answer: No to both parts of this question - The plastic acts as an insulator so condensation is not a problem like the metal tanks. The fuel pickup has moved to the top of the tank to avoid putting a hole in the bottom of a “boat” preventing any possibility of fuel leaking into the Jeep. You will need to re-route your fuel line to the top of the tank.