Speciality Replacement Parts for Vintage Jeep and Willys

Specialty parts can be hard to find for old Jeeps and Willys. T-Rex provides you with replacements for Bezels, Gaskets, Dana Parts, Jeep gauges and panel assemblies, and other Jeep and Willy parts that you may not find at your local auto store. All of our specialty replacement parts are designed to withstand off road conditions and harsh wear and tear. We want to get you back on the road and keep your vintage Jeep or Willys vehicle running for years to come.

Early Jeep & Willys Parts  Early Jeep & Willys Parts

Steering column bushings and boots, filler pipe grommets, and fuel parts for Jeep CJ models.

Jeep Bezels Jeep Bezels

Specialty replacement parts for Jeep speedometer, headlight and gauge cluster bezels.

Jeep Gauges and Gauge Panel Assemblies Jeep Gauges and Gauge Panel Assemblies

Get hard to find fuel and temperature gauges for the Wrangler YJ and CJ model Jeeps.

Jeep CJ7,CJ8 & YJ Parts Jeep CJ7,CJ8 & YJ Parts

Replace factory original fuel and emissions parts for Jeep CJ7, CJ8, and YJ including fuel filler neck assemblies, EMS valve grommets and liquid control valve assemblies.

Jeep Tail Light Lens and Reflectors Jeep Tail Light Lens and Reflectors

MTS tail light reflector and lenses for J-Truck, CJ5 and CJ6 Jeep models.

Gaskets Gaskets

Dana gasket replacements for vintage Jeep models including Dana 35, 41, and 53.

Dana 20 Parts Dana 20 Parts

Replace old cracked, distorted, and broken transfer case bushings with durable Dana 20's, designed to outlast factory parts.