1994-1997 Ford FS PU 19 gal. REAR tank Diesel SU

1994-1997 Ford FS PU 19 gal. REAR tank Diesel SU

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1994-1997 Ford Full-Size Pickup 19 gallon DIESEL ONLY (REAR OEM style metal tank**) sending unit. Includes a new lock ring and O-ring. Purchasing a new “funnel” style in-tank fuel filter (TREXFMFF-1) is recommended when installing the new unit.

• Ohm range: Full 155-165, Empty 5-15

*Verify that your wiring harness plug connector matches the one in picture #2. We have had a few customers (less than .5% of units sold) state their plug was smaller in diameter. At this time, there are no other male/female harnesses/plugs available.

**The REAR OEM style metal tank is approx.. 25 ½” x 33 ½” x 7 ½” in size. If your original tank is an OEM Plastic tank, it is narrower between the frame rails and almost twice as tall as the OEM style steel tank so this sending unit will NOT work. Please look at our entire line of Ford Diesel Sending Units to match your year and tank position.

Aftermarket Ford OEM Plastic tank sending units available at this time:
TREXFMSU-10DEP: 1985-1986 FORD OEM Rear Plastic tank sending unit
TREXFMSU-11DEP: 1990-1991 Ford OEM Rear Plastic tank sending unit
TREXFMSU-14DEP: 1994-1997 Ford OEM Rear plastic tank sending unit

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